Case Study - Mark Fletcher

How Displayr helped Mark Fletcher slash analysis and reporting times

“We’re talking about taking a tenth of the time ... In terms of cost, we’re easily talking thousands and thousands of dollars per project.”

Mark Fletcher
Insights Manager, Power Retail


time saved on analysis and reporting


Power Retail produce intelligence tools help e-commerce retailers and suppliers drive better performance and profit. Based on interviews with a panel of more than 1 million Australian shoppers and 12,500 retailers and industry suppliers, their monthly Reports provide insights to drive e-commerce growth and profit.

  • Necessary outsourcing meant laborious and costly back-and-forth communication
  • Old software lacks flexibility to self-explore and pick and choose different analyses
  • An all-in-one statistical package built for survey data analysis
  • 90% time saved on data analysis and reporting
  • Flexibility to dive deep in data and direct own analyses

The headache of necessary outsourcing

As the Insights Manager at Power Retail, Mark Fletcher knows consumer research inside and out. Over his 30 years of experience in market research he has witnessed more and more ways of collecting and harnessing shopper data and the challenges that have come as a result of having so much data to dissect.

With this deluge of shopper data at his fingertips, Mark had to do some necessary outsourcing. Not only did this mean he would have to be very precise in deciding what data to analyze and crosstabs to run, he would have to deal with a lot of back-and-forth communication. As Mark explains, any changes to the data or processes were “laborious and costly”. Often this meant that there was just enough time to deliver the surface level results to clients.


Powerful and easy-to-use software built for survey data that offers the flexibility to self-direct analyses

When Mark found Displayr, it was a game changer. It was simple enough to use that his team could run their own shopper data analysis and reporting, saving him the time, cost and headaches of outsourcing the work. But for Mark, the bigger advantage of having the tool like Displayr was the way it allowed him to investigate things independently and extensively.

“Since getting Displayr, what I’ve got is the flexibility to investigate things in detail, to go down rabbit holes and see if there is something useful there – quickly and accurately. That’s the great benefit for Displayr for me – the facility to direct my own analysis.”

Mark Fletcher
Insights Manager, Power Retail

90% less time spent on data analysis and reporting, added value for their clients and future-proofing their industry

Now, Mark estimates that Displayr has allowed him to cut his data analysis and reporting to “a tenth of the time” and in terms of cost, he says “we’re easily talking thousands and thousands of dollars per project.”

But even better? He and his team can now deliver a better result to the client by facilitating their own analysis. They can dive deep into the data, investigate it from multiple angles and present insights that will really make a critical difference for their clients.

With developments in data collection like in-store Wi-Fi tracking and the like, Mark sees market research moving away from asking consumers questions about their behaviour and towards exploring the ‘why’ behind it. Mark simply states, “How to fit your information into their decision-making framework – that’s what is important”.

To survive, he’s going to need tools that will be able to easily manage more and more data and pull advanced insights out of that data very quickly. Luckily, he’s got Displayr to help.

“I’m very comfortable that Displayr can do that and that it can integrate different datasets very well, it’s very exciting for me to be heading down that path.”

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