Case Study - Fifth Dimension

How Displayr helped Fifth Dimension Research streamline tracking studies

“I’m proud of what I’ve managed to create in Displayr and it’s helping make the data we’re delivering a lot more engaging.”

Julia O'Brien
Research Executive, Fifth Dimension Research and Consulting


hours per week on each project saved


Fifth Dimension is Australia’s leading strategic data consultancy. They were founded in 2006 and were recently named in GRIT Top 50 innovative companies.

  • The huge amount of time and manual labour involved in updating tracking studies
  • Difficulty controlling access to data for different clients and levels
  • Not many options or flexibility in how to present data to clients
  • An all-in-one statistical package built for survey data with presentation and dashboarding tools
  • Interactive, live dashboards with permission settings to share with their clients
  • 5 hours per week on each project saved

Updating tracking studies was a nightmare involving thousands of Excel tables and countless hours checking and updating reports

As a research executive at Fifth Dimension, Julia O’Brien spends most of her time puzzling out the best way to efficiently discover and share gems of insight in large tracking datasets. This used to be quite the challenge when tracking studies meant setting up hundreds (if not thousands!) of Excel tables, often showing the same table with different filters.


Easy-to-use reporting software built for survey data that offers striking visuals, dashboards, and PowerPoint automation

Being able to do both the data processing and reporting in one easy-to-use tool helped transform Julia’s workflow. Now Displayr streamlines everything from checking and producing tables to creating interactive reports and dashboards. Even better – with her newly freed up time, Julia’s been able to experiment with creating more engaging and flexible dashboards.

“There’s a lot more freedom in how you can deliver results with Displayr and I like that.””

Julia O'Brien
Research Executive, Fifth Dimension Research and Consulting

Saving 5 hours per week on each project, and greater control over presentations

With Displayr helping Julia streamline her tracking studies processes, she estimates she’s able to save 5 hours per week on each project. With the shift from static PowerPoint charts to online dashboards so that multiple people can work on the same project, working on tracking studies has never been more efficient.

With this extra time, Julia and her team are able to shift their focus from the manual work to what really matters for their clients – the insights.

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