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DataExpert uses Displayr to deliver custom solutions faster

"With Displayr, our customers get everything they need handed to them on a golden plate."

Balázs Svidró
Visual Analytics Engineer & Senior Graphic Designer, DataExpert


time saved on analyzing data


DataExpert, an operations and technology service provider, has given more than 200 customers the insights they need to succeed in a fast-paced, competitive global marketplace.

  • Losing time to switching between multiple tools
  • Giving employees and customers the control and autonomy they crave
  • Accommodating tight turnarounds
  • Custom development capabilities and automation
  • Automate and replicate countless manual processes, especially with advanced data analytics
  • Advanced CSS customization and export capabilities
  • 15% of projects/income Displayr-based
  • 50 to 75% more employee time available for value-added tasks when visualizing advanced data analytics
  • Instant, easy customization, and branding

How to provide customers with the bespoke solutions they demand in a fraction of the time

As the largest independent market research operations provider in Europe, DataExpert has gained a reputation for delivering high-quality, bespoke solutions for their clients with uncompromising levels of security.

As their reputation for creating dashboards and other tailored solutions grew, so did the workload. Demand shifted towards custom cloud-based solutions but delivered in increasingly shorter timeframes.

Countless hours were lost to creating workaround solutions in other tools. Basic actions such as maintaining brand colors and logos on a dashboard or report were needlessly complicated.

"Our customers always want everything yesterday. We needed a tool to streamline and automate repetitive actions and to make us less dependent on software developers and support teams," says Adrienn Molnár, Visual Analytics Consultant, DataExpert.

Further compounding the pain was the time spent having to context-switch between multiple software tools. Each analysis and reporting tool also had its own security standard, so ensuring compliance across multiple platforms also ate up precious time.

DataExpert was looking for solutions to quickly deliver value-added insights and bespoke solutions for their clients - without sacrificing their high standards of quality and security.


A seamless, all-in-one, secure platform for automated analytics and easy customization

In 2020, the DataExpert team started using Displayr to deliver secure, quality insights and bespoke solutions much faster. The DataExpert team now is now happy to recommend Displayr to clients whose projects require custom solutions, advanced analytics, extensive exporting options, and other functionalities that Displayr takes care of seamlessly.

With the help of Displayr, DataExpert has streamlined and automated much of their analysis and reporting times, reducing workflow times. As a result, they are able to better manage the tight turnaround times, can offer more value add during projects, and satisfy the reporting needs even when they are changed several times.

"We're accomplishing more in less time and we're not moving between different tools and platforms," says Bettina Kiss, Visual Analytics - Account Manager.

“Creating branded, logoed, interactive presentations that connect with customers is pretty much effortless with Displayr.”

Bettina Kiss
Visual Analytics - Account Manager, DataExpert

For DataExpert, using Displayr's easy-to-use platform has also eliminated the need to wait for support teams to implement their own coding and custom work. The DataExpert team relish being able to use Displayr’s code window to work in their preferred programming languages (e.g., R). This has enabled them to further customize analyses and create truly tailored reports for their clients - in-house.

"We're more autonomous and independent when we don't depend on developers and support teams to create some of our custom coding, which is good for turnaround times and budgets," says Balázs.


Displayr drives revenue, empowers Data Experts’ clients and lets DataExpert focus on value-adds

Using Displayr has stamped out much of the need for costly, time-consuming custom development and slashed project complexity and drawn out timelines. However, the DataExpert team isn’t the only group satisfied with the benefits of switching to Displayr.

DataExpert customers love the fact that Displayr allows them to customize every report and dashboard and truly make it their own. They are able to easily self-serve by adding their own logos and colors with a couple of clicks, for instant brand recognition. They can also easily export their data and dashboards to Excel and PowerPoint for presentations.

With clients empowered to self-serve and time-saved from switching between multiple tools and outsourcing, the DataExpert team is able to turn their attention to using Displayr’s advanced analytics capabilities to delve deeper into the data, run more complex analyses and add value for their clients.

Being able to do all of this in a single analysis and reporting platform is “a huge advantage over other tools/platforms and market research competitors," says Balázs.

“Displayr's automation means we have more time to understand the data and concentrate on exploring and sharing its stories with customers.”

Balázs Svidro
Visual Analytics Engineer & Senior Graphic Designer, DataExpert

With Displayr’s built-in advanced analytics, sophisticated analysis that used to take hours or days, now takes seconds or minutes. For example, DataExpert clients can even interact with a dashboard driven by a MaxDiff analysis. The MaxDiff model recalculates as the user applies filters, making it truly interactive for clients. This has become a massive value-add for DataExpert clients and has helped to drive revenue. "Customers want their projects in Displayr because they recognize that beyond the usual data visualization of their project, more advanced analytics can be easily added to their BI or market research projects," says Balázs.

With Displayr, our team does the tasks only humans can do, and Displayr technology handles the rest," says Balázs.

The results speak for themselves.

DataExpert added Displayr to their portfolio in the summer of 2020. Just 12 months later, Displayr projects accounted for 10% growth in DataExpert's revenue, with Displayr comprising 15% of revenue in 2022.

“Customers working with Displayr are more likely to consider adding analytics to a project because of the reduced development time and cost.”

Adrienn Molnár
Visual Analytics Consultant, DataExpert
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