Case Study - Leger

How Displayr helped Leger save 50% more time and dive deeper into their clients’ data

“For me, Displayr is like my secret weapon. It allows me to run a bunch of analyses very quickly and uncover more relevant insights for my clients.”

Bich Tran
Vice President, Analytics, Leger

Leger is the largest Canadian-owned market research and analytics company, with eight offices across Canada and the United States. Leger has been a leading expert in the market research field since 1986.

  • Time-consuming manual processes
  • Coding complex analyses like conjoint manually with R
  • Limits to the services they could offer their clients
  • An analysis tool that automates manual processes
  • Fully compatible with R with lots of complex analysis capabilities
  • Flexibility that makes it easy to combine different types of analysis
  • 50% time saved on analysis
  • Faster insights with less manual processes
  • More control over their data for clients
  • More time to dedicate to finding more valuable insights

Manual processes for complex analyses

As vice president of Analytics at Leger, Bich Tran regularly performs very complex, technical analyses for her clients, including choice-based conjoint analysis, driver analysis, and text analysis. But coding complex analyses in R took up a lot of her team’s time and resources.

“We would receive a request, and we would run the analysis in R,” she explains. “We needed to do everything from scratch. We could use some scripts, but every project is unique, so there was still a lot of manipulation that we would have to do. And if we wanted to update a project later, we would have to go back in and edit the whole script.”

As an advanced researcher with years of experience, Bich was in charge of running complex analyses like conjoint. But having to design the entire analysis manually made the process frustrating.

“It was kind of a daunting task. Whenever a conjoint project came in, we had to prepare for it,” she says. “We had to design the whole experiment, and the program we used wasn't user-friendly. But most importantly, the services we could deliver to our clients were limited.”

Bich knew she needed a tool that could automate the manual parts of the analysis and help her perform advanced analysis for her clients—so that she could spend more time focusing on diving deep into the data to pull out more insights for them.

We needed to do everything from scratch...If we wanted to update a project later, we would have to go back in and edit the whole script.


A flexible tool with advanced automation and analysis capabilities

When Bich first used Displayr’s R integration, she knew immediately she’d found the right tool to make her analysis less manual.

“It’s like the Swiss Army knife of survey research software. It allows us to run all different kinds of analysis really easily, and it connects well with R,” she says.

Using Displayr made conjoint analysis easy, she found.

“Displayr includes the conjoint analysis functionalities when you create the simulators,” she says. “That, and the fact that it connects with R, allows us to run the analysis much more easily.”

And Displayr helped automate other types of analysis as well, including driver and text analysis. It even allowed her to combine different types of analysis.

“It’s more flexible, and it allows us to combine different analyses at the same time, using the same tools,” she says. “The interface and the platform allow us to do more, and combine different analyses with conjoint, which is very attractive for us.”

Ultimately, Bich says that Displayr’s customer support was the final selling point for her.

“We feel like we’ve become part of a community. We don’t just feel that we bought a platform or a piece of software,” she says.

“It feels like we’re in this together. Displayr really cares about their clients, and we really appreciate it. And thanks to that, we can offer more to our own clients.”

Bich Tran
Vice President, Analytics, Leger

Faster insights in a fraction of the time

Now, Bich says that using Displayr has allowed her to add more value to her projects.

“Thanks to Displayr and their simulators, we can give our clients interactive, web-based tools,” she says. “It also allows us to perform more advanced analysis and combine that with the tools as well. It adds a lot of value for our clients.”

It also allows her to give her clients more control of their own data.

“Displayr’s dashboards provide our clients with more autonomy and flexibility,” she says. “We provide them with the analysis and the results, and if they want to, they can dive even deeper into the data themselves.”

At the same time, the time she’s saved on manual processes has allowed her to dedicate more time to crafting insights for her clients, which means they get more from her reports than they did before. She estimates that she saves 50% of the time she used to spend on manual processes.

“I would say that our insights are more multi-dimensional now. Displayr really allows us to dig deeper and to combine different analyses, and that allows us to find some results faster,” she says. “So we can dedicate that extra time to find more insights for our clients.”

Her clients are amazed with the possibilities Displayr offers: they love how easy it is for them to look at different segments, and how they can quickly export the most important insights to PowerPoint to create a corporate presentation.

“Going beyond that, when clients explore capabilities that allow them to play with their own data, it's just magic for them,” she says. “It opens up this new world where they can leverage even more of their own survey data.”

As for Bich, the value Displayr has created for her is very clear.

“For me, Displayr is like my secret weapon. It allows me to run a bunch of analyses very quickly and uncover more relevant insights for my clients.”

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