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How Windsoredge Research used Displayr to 10x productivity, saving 90% of analysis and reporting time

“Displayr has revolutionized everything."

Juliet Strachan
Managing Director, Windsoredge Research


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Windsoredge Research is a boutique marketing research agency founded in 2017. They specialize in making the voice of the consumer accessible to brands and businesses.

  • Finding a solution that would allow her small team to compete with big agencies
  • Offering clients complex analysis without using specialist agencies
  • Quickly getting as close to the data as possible
  • All-in-one analysis and reporting software
  • That allows them to get closer to the data faster than ever before
  • With amazing training and best-in-class customer service
  • 80-90% analysis time saved
  • The team of 3 analysts now has the power of 30
  • Ability to win more complex projects

Integrating data faster and more cost-efficiently

In 2017, after nearly 30 years of experience in the market research industry, Juliet Strachan decided to go it alone and founded Windsoredge Research. Before long, the business was growing, attracting more clients and tackling an increasing range of client business problems.

“It's incredibly rewarding,” Juliet says. “Once you find the right insights, you can help solve their issues, provide direction, and guide their strategy ... when you and the client are aligned, you know you've cracked it.”

But as Windsoredge Research grew, Juliet faced two challenges.

The first challenge was being able to find the insights in the data quickly.

“The most important thing for analysts is being able to interrogate data, being able to ask questions of the data, and being nimble and flexible so you can move in different directions depending on what you find,” Juliet explains.

Juliet's team used traditional tools like R and Excel, making insight hunting a slow and rigid process. For example, she had to specify her analysis and tables and decide what data she wanted to see well before running the analysis. If she wanted to go in a different direction, she had to reset and rerun everything.

This meant often being left with a few interesting nuggets buried in a lot of uninteresting data. She needed to figure out a better way.

“There's always the danger that you can't see the forest for the trees because there's just too much there,” Juliet says.

Juliet's other challenge was more pressing: when insights required complex analysis like MaxDiff or conjoint, she would outsource the work to a specialized agency. This was eating up a significant percentage of client budgets.

In 2020, many companies had to tighten their spending. The budget for specialists wasn't there anymore.

“At the time, budgets were very, very tight,” she says.

“I wanted to be able to use the best techniques to solve my clients’ problems, but without spending their entire budget, either.”

Juliet Strachan
Managing Director, Windsoredge Research

Juliet recognized that both challenges were a result of a research process reliant on too many complex tools. She needed one solution to solve both challenges. With the right tool, she could perform advanced analysis in-house without outsourcing and interrogate data more quickly to find better insights.


A flexible analysis and reporting tool with advanced analysis capabilities

Juliet started by comparing several analysis tools. When she set up a call with Displayr, she realized that their software was miles ahead of the competition.

“When they showed me what Displayr could do, it was just jaw-dropping,” she says. “And on top of that, I could see their enthusiasm and understanding of the market research world. They just got it. It was a no-brainer.”

Displayr surpassed Juliet’s expectations again when she started training to use the program.

“The quality of training was so good, it amazed me,” Juliet says. “I have never come across that sort of quality and empathy and patience in training. Displayr’s support and training are second to none.”

Once Juliet started using Displayr, she found that it was the solution she had been hoping for.

First, she began using Displayr for advanced analysis, including MaxDiff. Designing the experiments was straightforward, and Displayr automated each step of the analysis.

Juliet’s team could now easily perform MaxDiff analysis in-house for a fraction of the cost of a specialized agency.

“Now, I'm able to bring those techniques into a project and set them up for very little extra budget,” Juliet says. “It has really expanded what we can deliver.”

Second, Displayr helped her get closer to the data and perform analyses of all kinds much more quickly.

“Displayr enables us to take a journey through the data and see what it has to tell us. We can answer questions quickly, and then find new questions to answer,” Juliet explains. “It’s absolutely fantastic.”

Because she can explore the data so quickly and thoroughly, she can deliver succinct and relevant presentations for her clients.

“Having that access to the data means that you can explore so much more of the data quickly, find out what's important, and then deliver in only 10 slides or 30 slides,” she says. “But those slides will include the key insights and everything that our client needs to know to solve this problem for the business.”

Displayr enables us to take a journey through the data and see what it has to tell us...It’s absolutely fantastic.


90% time saved, more powerful analysis, and the capacity for more complex projects

A year after implementing Displayr, Juliet says using the tool is like having 30 extra analysts at her disposal—not bad for a boutique agency.

“Having Displayr is like having a really big team because you can get so much more out of everything that you're doing,” Juliet says.

Now that they have the ability to do advanced analysis in-house, Windsoredge Research has been able to pitch for projects they wouldn’t have been able to handle before. They can now compete successfully with much bigger agencies.

“Having that sort of power as a small agency has been fantastic,” Juliet says.

And Displayr allows Juliet to do much more for her existing clients as well: Displayr saves her around 90% of the time she used to spend on manual processes.

“It saves us at least 80 or 90% of the time we spent spec-ing data and running data using traditional methods,” Juliet says. “But it's also enabling us to do so much more with the data.”

Juliet’s small team can now handle more than double the amount of projects at the same time as they did before.

“Displayr has enabled me to do more projects at the same time and deliver higher quality output and insights,” she says. “I used to be able to do two or three at a time. I can double that now, thanks to Displayr.”

Finally, Juliet says having Displayr in her arsenal has taken away the stress of running a small agency. She knows that she can deliver for her clients, every time.

“Displayr has revolutionized everything,” Juliet concludes. “When you set up a small agency, you don't have big agency resources. Displayr has changed all that.”

We can now do everything that we want to do. So far, I haven't come across anything that I can't do with Displayr.

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