Five key data analysis frameworks for building a strong brand strategy

In this Brand Analytics ebook we outline a structured approach to understanding a market with a view to aiding the brand planning process, using data that is commonly available from existing survey research, be it continuous, dipstick, or even periodic “Usage and Attitude” (U&A) studies. If such data is not available, it is (these days) relatively inexpensive and time-efficient to get it. We offer these frameworks in the hope that it makes the task of adding value to data easier.

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While the brand analytics process in commercial practice will be more complicated, we’ve boiled it down into five frameworks:

  • Competitive Market Structure Analysis
  • Acquisition Funnel Audit
  • Profiling the Core Consumer
  • Performance-Importance Analysis
  • Basic Brand Vulnerability Matrix

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In terms of what to do when, they are in a broadly sensible order, although it can make sense to do the Basic Brand Vulnerability Matrix immediately after the Acquisition Funnel Audit. We’ll expand on the framework by providing an example of each element in action.

Competitive Market Structure Analysis
Switching matrixes
Brand attribute grids
Driver analysis
Market Maps with share and dynamics
Which competitors should we focus on?
What should we say to the market?

Acquisition Funnel Audit
Performance at different stages of the acquisition funnel
Conversion alations
Breadth versus depth scatterplots
What goals should we set for our marketing efforts?

Profiling the Core Consumer

Volumetric analysis
Who must we sell to?

Importance-Performance Analysis
Competitive performance in different aspects of the consumption context
Quad maps
Which aspects of the consumption or purchasing context should we improve?

Basic Brand Vulnerability Matrix
Gap analysis
Significance testing
How do we support or close gaps between attitude and behavior?

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