By Sandy Lee, Nourishing Provision Food Forest Keeper


A small group converged at Nourishing Provision this past Saturday to see the progress this food forest had made since it’s installation almost exactly a year ago. Chris Francis and Rick Beeson started off the morning giving a talk on the elements of permaculture that exist in the garden and about permaculture in general. Rick specializes in water harvesting techniques and explained how much water is being harvested on our property and the potential for more use/reuse of water on site. Then we took a walk through the food forest looking at specific plants and talking about what has been learned about permaculture and its elements over the past year in our forest specifically. We talked about changes that would benefit the current plants and structure. The workshop closed with a short Q and A and Chris offering some suggestions as to how we might further add to our food forest in the future to increase productivity on this site and further enjoy our space.


Learn more and register for our next session, which is at our newest addition – “Living and Learning Garden”, with a talk given by Ryan Johnston.
October 29, Saturday, 10 am – 12 pm

Hope to see you there and at our other tours throughout the year!

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