For those conducting surveys in non-native language(s), Displayr makes it easy to utilize the data ...

While there are several ways to translate text data in Displayr, our text categorization function is made even more powerful by having Automatic Text Translation built into the interface.  When you insert a new text categorization variable (+ > Text Categorization > .... > New - more on this in the video below), you are given the option to Translate the text:



Use any Source and Output language.

You are then prompted to select the Source language:

  • Automatically detect language
  • Specify with variable (use this option if the source language is identified by a variable in your data set. This option is particularly useful if your file contains multiple languages)
  • A specific language - the default language is English.

You can set the Output language here as well.


Text Translation in Action

Consider a simple scenario where data has been collected on hotel reviews and it includes a "comment" option - guests of course need to complete the survey in a language they are comfortable with:

  • The data file will have multiple languages, and (typically) an additional variable classifying the language selected.
  • The person responsible for categorizing (coding) the data will want to do so in their language
  • The outputs, being the categories (or code-frame), will also need to be in their language.

Displayr makes all this very easy, including dealing with multiple language inputs simultaneously.    And once translated, you can create an intial catergorization (code frame) automatically.

Take a look at the process in action in this short video, covering both single and multiple language translation ...


Streamline your text data translation and analysis.

The process of translating text data into the analyst's language is traditionally time consuming and expensive (being typically outsourced).   Displayr's translation tools are now available directly in the text categorization interface - you can even create a draft code frame in your preferred language automatically.   If you use non-native language text data and want to know more, book a demo or take a free trial.