DIY Correspondence Analysis

This ebook will show you when and how to use correspondence analysis to discover and share stories in your data. Correspondence analysis is a magical technique in the world of data analysis. It condenses a staggering amount of information into a single chart, but there are quite a few intricate details to be aware of in order to correctly run the analysis. This book will show you the ins and outs of Correspondence Analysis so you can harness its full power and avoid the common pitfalls.

What you'll get from this ebook

This book shows you how to run a correspondence analysis, interpret the results, and visualize your findings.

  • Learn how to use normalization, scaling, and rotation methods.
  • See all the ways to visualize your results, from Moon plots to Bubble charts to Heatmaps.
  • Gain an understanding of the mechanics behind the analysis.

More about this ebook

If that all sounds overwhelming - don't worry! This Correspondence Analysis ebook has you covered.

Which correspondence analysis technique to use when
(Traditional) correspondence analysis
Correspondence analysis of square tables
Multiple correspondence analysis
Correspondence analysis of multiple tables
When not to apply correspondence analysis

The correct interpretation of correspondence analysis maps
The math of correspondence analysis
Normalization and scaling

Bubble charts
Tables of standardized residuals
3D visualizations

Advanced topics
Supplementary data points

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