10+ Ways to Save Time Doing Branding Research

Watch this webinar tailored to market researchers and consumer insights professionals. Discover lots of highly effective techniques to quickly identify the key factors driving brand performance.

The document that was used in this webinar can be viewed here.

Topics will include

  • Efficiently constructing brand health tables
  • Using brand conversion metrics to understand brand performance
  • Contrasting behavior with attitudes using the basic brand vulnerability matrix
  • Quickly finding the meaningful insights in brand association data with
    • Data reduction
    • “Chi-square” residuals
    • Palm tree visualizations
    • Correspondence analysis and brand maps
    • Moonplots
  • Using driver analysis to understand the relationship between brand associations and preferences
  • How to use brand switching data to understand market structure
    • Duplication analysis
    • Correspondence analysis of square tables
  • Using small multiples to quickly identify changes in brand performance over time
  • Streamlining your brand tracking process through automation
  • Allowing your stakeholders to self-serve with interactive dashboards
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