Introduction to Calculations in Displayr (and a preview of the Calculation Grid)

Over the past year, we've been spending a lot of time introducing ways to make it easier to do the types of things people traditionally do in Excel and Google Sheets in Displayr.

We are focused on making it easy to hook up all your data to your visualizations in Displayr, so that you never have to go through the pain of exporting to Excel, manipulating the data in Excel, and then copying and pasting to PowerPoint (as this is both slow and error-prone).

This webinar will focus on showing you the 'Displayr way' of doing things you would normally do in Excel.

You'll also get a sneak peek of a new feature, The Calculation Grid.

This webinar will include

  • Creating calculations using tables as inputs.
  • Basic math: calculating averages, sums, etc.
  • Hooking up the calculations to visualizations, so that when your data updates, all your reporting, including visualizations, also updates.
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