Join the Orchards Program

Membership in the Orchard requires an active interest in learning how to establish and manage a small productive orchard, and participation in 4-5 workdays during a year. If physical labor is outside your ability, we have administrative tasks and other volunteer projects with BCG that can be used in lieu of your active physical work at the Orchard.

Membership fees are $50 a year that pay for water, additional material as needed (organic fertilizers, compost and mulch), and a small fee for a professional orchardist who helps us with the upkeep and further development.

The planned number of members of the Orchard is 25 families. While most people have joined the Orchard for the long run, circumstances do change and we might have an opening from time to time. If you are interested in becoming a member of the Orchard, please email and tell us about yourself and why would you like to join the community orchard.

We’d like to extend our warm invitation to the community members of Solano County to learn about modern small orchard management together. Throughout the year, we have a few classes and workshops that are free and open to the public.

Workshop 1 “Care for the Orchard”

Workshop 2. May 10, 2014“Getting to Know Our Trees & Creating an Ecological Orchard”
(3.6 mb PowerPoint Presentation) includes a full list and pictures of the trees selected for the orchard and pictures/definitions of the ecological orchard