Hire Our Graduates

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The Graduating Class of 2015!

Already in business:

The Edible Yard

Owner: Jessica Joy, Land Caretakers 2015 graduate

Jessica Joy, Owner of The Edible Yard

The Edible Yard Offers: 

Design and installation of urban homesteads & sustainable permaculture-inspired edible landscapes for front/back yards

  • Laundry-to-landscape greywater installations
  • Backyard chickens – planning, coop/run design and installation, and routine maintenance
  • Garden management (soil health – pH, soil nutrients, building-up soil), regular garden maintenance and harvesting, including fruit tree care and pruning)


The Repurposed Okie

Kathleen Huffman, Owner of Re-Purposed Okie

Kathleen Huffman, Owner of The Repurposed Okie

Owner: Kathleen Huffman, Land Caretakers 2015 graduate

The Repurposed Okie Offers:
  • Design, installation, and maintenance of a variety of sustainable, nourishing ” food farm” landscapes in urban environments
  • Installations of “laundry to landscape” greywater systems
  • Private consultations and grey water presentations for local groups

The goal of the urban food farm is to provide fresh fruits and vegetables for the homeowners and to nourish the heart and mind with an appreciation of the world around us.  Kathleen plans to start community garden projects throughout Solano County with a focus on the areas with the most need.


The Intuitive Garden

Nicole Newell, Co-Owner of Intuitive Gardens

Nicole Newell, Co-Owner of The Intuitive Garden

Jason Lingnau, Co-Owner of Intuitive Gardens

Jason Lingnau, Co-Owner of The Intuitive Garden

Owners: Nicole Newell and Jason Lingnau, Land Caretakers 2015 Graduates

The Intuitive Garden offers:

Design services for low maintenance edible landscapes using water efficient irrigation, rainwater collection, and recycled grey water.

  • Greywater systems
  • Rainwater catchment
  • Native Plant and Food Forest
  • Lawn replacement
  • Backyard Chickens – Installation and Consulting


While we are exceptionally proud of all our graduates and associates who are actively working in the community through their own businesses, these businesses are completely independent from Benicia Community Gardens. We help promote these services in the community, but we are not responsible for these businesses’ conduct and operations.